"It has been a pleasure working with Bain, Zach, Josh, Fernando and the others. I started my project with a list of ten companies, and I believe even more firmly now that I picked the right one. Thank you and everyone there for the effort. It has been fun, and thats largely because of the people involved."

Catherine, Albuquerque

"Our fireplace exceeded our expectations! We appreciate the attention to detail, the attitude of Zach and the timely manner in which the work was completed. Looking forward to the next project. “Great Job”. I will be calling you for our next project."

Christopher, Tijeras

“We could not be happier with the professionalism, customer service, quality of workmanship and value that the Bain Cochran Construction, LLC team has provided to us in the various repairs and upgrades they have accomplished on our home. We bought a house and moved to the East Mountains area in September 2009. We contacted BCC right away after we moved in based on a repair estimate that they provided to our realtor during the closing process of our home. The BCC team of craftsmen and subcontractors made numerous repairs/upgrades to our home including replacing the penetration seals on our roof, upgrading some old fluorescent lighting in the house to modern ceiling fans/lights, replacing a light assembly in the bathroom, repairing the vent on the water heater, replacing leaky valves for the clothes washing machine, drywall repairs and re-stuccoing the entire house. They have helped make our house a home and we are proud of the work that has been accomplished by them. The results are simply amazing, and we look forward to working with BCC in the very near future on a rainwater collection system project and a couple of solar power projects.

We want to bring you as much business as possible; we’re so happy for knowing you as neighbors in the community here.”

Lee & Kristen, Sandia Park

“The first thing I always tell people when they ask about working with Bain Cochran Construction is “tell them everything you want to do.” Don’t believe what others have told you about something not being able to be done. Tell BCC about it and Bain can decide whether they can do it or not. You can tell by working with him that when you explain something he is looking to see how he should do it, not if he can or can’t. Bain, Janet and Jamie all listened very carefully to what we wanted. They made suggestions if they found a way to do something that they thought we might like better and we discussed it and decided how to proceed.

Since our project was an addition and partial remodel, they were very attentive to making the new space blend in with the existing. I didn’t worry that the new would end up looking more high-end than the rest of the house. This was our first project of this nature and the whole company and the sub contractors they work with made it a very good experience. We would not hesitate to recommend Bain Cochran Construction to any of our family or friends.”

Annette & Tom, Socorro

“We recently needed our 3rd garage area converted into an artist’s studio space. Bain Cochran Construction was recommended to us. Our job was done in a first class & timely manner. Bain, Jamie, and all of their people were reliable, honest and sensitive to our needs. At times, positive, constructive suggestions for small changes were made which we had not thought of and which worked out well. Their entire crew was great to work with – a very positive experience, we would not hesitate to recommend and/or work with Bain Cochran Construction again.”

Soña & Charles, Albuquerque

“Our kitchen and bathroom remodels exceeded our expectations! We appreciate the attention to detail, the attitude of all work crews and the timely manner in which the work was completed. Looking forward to the next project!”

Greg & Toni, Peralta

“We could not be happier with the remodeling addition you completed on our home. You took what we considered to be our “finished product” plans, added your own unique and personal touches, and provided us with our own special addition. On budget, on time, quality workmanship….what more could we ask for? Thanks again. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Jeff & Susie, Edgewood

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your taking care of these unglamorous, but essential items!”

Kay & John, Villanueva

“Bain Cochran Construction was a pleasure to work with. In my basement remodel project, I needed some unique flooring to go along with the cabinetry, plus some general enhancements that constitued a bunch of small projects all in one spot. All these were gracefully incorporated into my space, with professionalism and skill. I made some additions and changes too along the way, which were added into the overall project, and we were still done in a timely manner. The project management was excellent and result beautiful! Thanks!”

Lynn, Albuquerque

“You have completed three projects with us over the last five years. Not only is your work impeccable, but the final bill came in below the original estimate. Punch items were immediately resolved without wasted time or unnecessary phone calls. Quality work, fair pricing, and no surprises are why we continue to call Bain Cochran Construction for projects large or small.”

Gary & Cindy, Edgewood

“We are delighted all ‘round with the results of your extensive renovation of our bathroom. From our first meeting when options were discussed, all the way through to the last day of fine-tuning, we were pleased with the unobtrusive, professional and transparent manner in which the various crews went about their work. You kept to your time-table and turned out a product that meets all of our expectations. The fact that a manager was on-site throughout the project gave use confidence that all aspects of the project would be completed conscientiously. Zach’s attention to detail and excellent interpersonal skills were instrumental to the completion of all of the extra repairs we requested. Be assured, if we were to decide on additional renovation work we would call call on Bain Cochran Construction”

Helene & Robert, Albuquerque

“We want to thank you for the quality of the work and the professional job that was completed on our sunporch. Your service was truly unproblematic, like a breath of fresh air in the sea of tumultuous affairs that we have experienced with others and the hail damage repairs to our home.”

Craig & Judy, Edgewood

“Thank you for all that you have done to make my house a home. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Gail, Albuquerque

"We have used Bain Cochran Construction for several projects, both in our past home and more recently in our present home. We have found them to be honest, dependable, and above all, very capable. Bain and his great crew do exceptional work. Our friends and neighbors cannot believe the quality of his finished remodeling he did for us recently. I can speak not only from my experience, but several of our friends have had the company do work for them and they were very happy with the results. Bain Cochran Construction’s ability to see what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done, is impressive. Rest assured we will call on them for any work we may need in the future."

Dave & Melba, Bernalillo