The Remodelers Council (RMC)

What the Remodelers Council Means to You

This article was published in the 2012 Remodelers Council Home Remodeling Guide.

The Remodelers Council (RMC) is a combination of professionals, including licensed contractors and industry associates, including service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, specialty trades people, financial institutions, designers, and many others.  We are a network of people who believe in integrity, quality materials and labor, and reliable customer service.  Commitment and participation in continuing education and various levels of government affairs helps us stay at the forefront of our industry.  Fact: Our membership is held to a strict code of ethics and committed to promoting excellence within our standards and actions.   This means working with an RMC member gives you a direct connection to those of us who strongly believe in responsible construction and business practices.

When we apply to the RMC for membership, our information is verified with the State of New Mexico Construction Industries for proper licensing and insurance as applicable.  Fact: Anyone engaged in general construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing related projects in NM must be licensed.  Fact: Contracting without a license in NM is against the law.  Fact: If an accident occurs during your project and anyone is hurt, your remodeler must have sufficient worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, or you may be liable for any construction related accidents on your property.  Not only does the RMC application process review licensing and insurance, but client and business references are also contacted which means the opportunity to remodel with a company who has a trustworthy reputation among its’ customers and peers.

An important aspect of hiring someone from our council is that you should have a professional who is knowledgeable about proper procedures to protect you and your family from life and property hazards such as lead paint, asbestos and mold, as well as implementation of current building codes, new products and options as they become available, all leading to a quality result.  In order to learn about these topics and how to turn them into action, many hours are invested by our members through educational classes offered by both our local and national Home Builders Associations.  As appropriate classes are taken, and tests are passed, we can apply for certifications such as CGP (Certified Green Professional), CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist), CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler), and CGA (Certified Graduate Associate).  Fact: The National Association of Home Buidlers named one of our very own local members, Diana Lucero, CGA of the year for her successful efforts to raise awareness of the educational designation for suppliers and service providers.  Way to go Diana!

Wondering what another reason is to care about the RMC?  How about that many of us participate in the Annual Bowling Tournament and Home Builders Care, both of which put us into action to give back to our community.  The bowling tournament includes a silent auction and raises funds for the homeless and low-income families.  Fact: the 2011 event rose over $10,000!  Home Builders Care is another volunteer opportunity and our mission is to improve the community of Greater Albuquerque through restoration, consumer education, and environmental action.  Fact: one of our Care projects is the annual Rio Grande Bosque Clean-Up and after a full day of removing tree sprouts from tails and thinning areas approved by the Rangers, the green waste is taken to the zoo for a tasty treat for the elephants.

Our member-driven council is an organization of remodelers and associates who are dedicated to our industry.  It is my pleasure to work alongside these talented individuals who encourage professional growth and the sharing of knowledge so that we may all strive for excellence.  For a list of RMC members go to or call 505.344.3294.

I sincerely hope the Remodelers Council means for you, instead of taking your chances and picking a company from the phone book, that you can trust our member directory to provide a list of remodelers and trade specialists who uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry.


Jamie Baxter, CGP

RMC Vice Chair

Bain Cochran Construction, LLC